Online Identity Verification Service to Fast Pace the Verification Process

Online Identity Verification Service to Fast Pace the Verification Process

The procedure of ensuring that an individual is who they claim to be is known as identity verification. But how can you be sure that this system is reliable when it’s performed online? 

When one thing is particularly in comparison to another, it has the characteristic of identity, which is the accurate correlation of one object with the other. It is a set of distinct traits and qualities affiliated with a person who is distinctive and incomparable. When it comes to people, and especially in the online world, where identity fraud is a much more frequent thing than we realize, this becomes critical.

In most systems and practices, both digital and physical stores, and in a variety of situations, ID verification is a must. From account openings to filing taxes, everything is fully automated these days. According to Shufti Pro funding, a major budgetary increase is expected in the identity verification market, from 4.93 billion USD in 2017 to more than 18 billion USD in 2027. 

The identity verification procedure is referred to as the KYC (Know Your Customer) method in financial services and many other industries.

Identity Verification

Identity verification guarantees that a method is being run by a real individual and they are who they say they are. This stops individuals from acting on behalf of others without their permission, making up false identities, or scamming the system. 

Online and traditional identity verification solutions can be performed using a variety of methods and structures. As a result, relying on the platform and the technique used, the identity verification system can be accomplished in a number of ways.

A person must voluntarily and physically introduce himself or herself at the industry’s destination (market, outlet, commercial agency, etc.), organization (tax department, employee service), or association for the conventional face-to-face method. 

They must then give over their identity document (passport, driver’s license, or similar) to an employee or operative, who will authenticate (in most situations optically) that the ID card photo fits the individual handling the file. The identity verification is effective if both of them fit according to the representative. 

To fulfill the requirements, the representative may create a copy of the Identification document, necessitate the person to fill out a form, and perform any other controls the representative or corporation deems appropriate to prove their identity. If the verification system is effective, the recognized consumer is finally ready to resume their plans.

What is Online Identity Verification Service?

Various kinds of digital identity verification Platforms have been established over time. It’s significant to mention, even so, that not all digital identity authentication products and support meet the legal requirements for most processes (particularly finance industry processes) to ensure their validity, security, and trust. According to Shufti Pro news, there is a 13 per cent growth in social media usage since last year and its expected to go up to 3.196 billion users in the coming years. 

The use of pictures and selfies is one of the techniques for digitally verifying people’s identities that does not meet the suitable security requirements. This is a method that is typically used to find people for low-risk processes because it is undependable and unpredictable. In fact, ETSI has established a global benchmark for identity proof by acknowledging video recognition as the only reputable online worldwide identity validation system. 

The digital consumer identification method (or eKYC) in internet banking and all financial firms must adhere to strict rules to make sure their credibility and ensure your industry’s and consumers’ anti-fraud protection.

The e-KYC procedure verifies people’s identities over the internet. This entails working from a distance and using technology. As a result, the eKYC procedure is where ensuring a safe and convenient clients’ identity proof plays the most important role.

Online Identity Verification Regulatory Standards

The restrictions that set new examples for the use of digital identity validation are AML5 (or 5AMLD, 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive).  

AML5 was created in response to the growing need to combat fraud, identity theft, financial fraud, and terror finance. Digital signatures, banking services, and online payments are all governed by eIDAS. 

These European restrictions are stringent and thorough, ensuring that identity verification practices adhere to them, as well as ensuring safety and integrity.

They serve as the foundation for the global legislative structure for distant online identity verification solutions.

When and Where it is Required?

The mentioned procedures involve digital identity verification to make sure consumers’ identities and provide an advanced level of security and legal assistance: 

  • The business and finance industry includes everything from creating a bank account to payments and corporate processes of any kind, as well as internet sales and expenses. 
  • Insurance and telecommunications companies: brand and product acquisition, as well as online transactions. 
  • Online networks and applications: Logging in to a website or app, two-factor verification, facility, and building access, hotel check-in, client registrations, and so on. 
  • Public and state presidency: Among other stuff, to replenish or problem digital diplomas, update identification papers, in identifying methods to produce creds in digital government websites, and medical applications for digital prescriptions.

Final Words

Online identity verification service are widely recognized by finance sectors and other industries around the globe, as it benefits them in a lot of ways such as ensuring the data safety of customers as well as the company’s, making for a pleasant digital onboarding experience, and detects frauds.  

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