Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar created her own Crypto Currency called the “Blaquanese Wealth Crypto Coin” known as “BLAQ”

Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar created her own Crypto Currency called the “Blaquanese Wealth Crypto Coin” known as “BLAQ”

Misty Blanco, The Blaquanese Rockstar created her own Crypto Currency called the Blaquanese Wealth Crypto Coin known as BLAQ and she is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time! What she created impacted billions of people in ways you would never imagine! Check out what BLAQ and Misty had to say about it!

What is Crypto currency?

Crypto currency is digital currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. It is a type of digital currency, virtual currency or alternative currency. Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are exchanged over the Internet. They can be bought with fiat money (legal tender) or other cryptocurrencies, products, or services. Wikipedia

How does it work?

Misty Blanco

Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar, is using the blockchain and Cryto Coins to facilitate the development of new digital technology within an electronic payment system. Cryto Coins is a type of digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and control the creation of additional units of the currency. The most famous Crytpo Currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Dodge coin and Feathercoin. Misty Blanco The Blanquanese Tribe’s crypto currency which she called BLAQ is not just another standard cryptocurrency.

What are Nano-Influencers and how do they fit in?

In recent years, there has been a rise in so-called nano-influencers — people with very small followings (think 20K to 50K) who nonetheless influence larger online audiences. Nano-influencers can help brands expand their reach at a lower cost than micro- or macro-influencers (those with 100K to million followers). Nano influencers get more interaction per post and have higher rates of engagement than micro influencers, according to an influencer marketing survey by Maven Wave. Getting attention from these smaller but influential platforms helps new companies build buzz before they launch and increases their chances of success once they do.

Why should I use BLAQ

BLAQ is all about making sure that The Blaquanese Tribe, Misty and everyone else who chooses to participate in using BLAQ will always be able to transact freely. If you are not familiar with what BLAQ is all about, check out our site and learn more. Remember, it takes just a few minutes and there are no barriers or hidden fees. We also provide simple instructions on how you can take advantage of BLAQ if you are new to cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrency is still a little too techy for you, we encourage you to watch some videos on YouTube on how to buy and use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum with cash. You’ll quickly see that buying crypto coins can be pretty straightforward!

What can you do with BLAQ?

BLAQ is a digital token on an open-source blockchain platform, a truly decentralized network. BLAQs are like gift cards that can be purchased for any amount at places like Amazon and Walmart. However, these gift cards never expire and can be traded among consumers or held by businesses that accept them. They offer more functionality than standard gift cards: they can also be used to purchase goods and services with lower fees than those charged by banks and credit card companies. And since they can be used in any country that has access to global commerce, they create financial inclusion and empowerment everywhere while protecting users from volatile exchange rates. You use it just like a credit card but without worrying about cash flow management, transaction fees or risk of fraud.

How can you get BLAQ?

Like most cryptocurrencies, BLAQ can be mined by users. However, it will soon be available on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and ATMs worldwide. Users will also be able to purchase and exchange BLAQ through their standard bank accounts. Individuals who want to get their hands on some BLAQ can do so by either getting in touch with an exchange directly or participating in one of our online contests. Follow us on social media for more information!For inquiries for Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar and The Blaquanese Coin
The Misty TV Firm Corporation
Email: themistttvfirm@yahoo.com
Instagram IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco

Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried, who has built some of the most valuable crypto companies in the world today and helped thousands of people get exposure to blockchain assets, pulls back the curtain to help you build wealth quickly and securely.

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