5 Ways to Make Money with crypto in 2023

5 Ways to Make Money with crypto in 2023

As the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rises, many people are trying to get involved. Making money with cryptocurrencies is no longer a pipe dream,In a time when crypto is becoming mainstream and more crypto-backed financial projects are emerging, regular users need to know how to successfully navigate this new sea of opportunities.In order to save you some of the research work,We have compiled five of the most profitable ways.

1.Through Free Cloud Mining Sites

Cloud mining is very popular which means there are some sites where you can earn free BTC as a reward without making a deposit. One of the leading cloud mining websites is AMGCrypto. 

It can generate income every day by purchasing contracts through the sign-up bonus of $12. You can choose to withdraw the income to your wallet in the form of BTC, and AMGCrypto also provides a variety of contracts with different returns for different investors to choose from, which means that cloud mining saves investors from spending a lot of time and equipment , you can passively get free cryptocurrency.


2.Learn-to-Earn – Take Crypto Educational Courses and Earn Free Crypto

The final method to consider is to earn free crypto while learning. This is a concept that rewards people for taking educational courses on crypto. These programs are often run by large crypto exchanges as a means to educate the public on the benefits of blockchain. And what better way to motivate complete beginners than offering free crypto rewards?

Coinbase, for example, offers an in-house learn-to-earn program that rewards users for reading articles and watching videos. Rewards are paid in a variety of different cryptocurrencies,There is no requirement to deposit or risk any money when using the Coinbase learn-to-earn program.


3.Affiliate Programs

AMGCrypto allows you to earn free bitcoins through referrals, and every time your friend buys a cloud mining contract using AMGCrypto, you can earn up to 7% commission on the order amount he buys. When you refer a certain number of active people, it is possible to award a fixed bonus of up to $3,000. Surprisingly, there is also a $12 bonus for first-time registration on AMGCrypto.

Here is what you need to do to start earning free Bitcoins with or on AMGCrypto.

1. Register and log in to your AMGCrypto account

2. Find the partner module and become a partner

3.Tap the Invite button or copy to share your referral code. Send the referral link to your friends or share it on your social media

When your recommender uses your referral link to register and log in to the AMGCrypto account, when he successfully purchases the contract, you will get up to 7% of his order amount as your commission, and the referral commission will be accumulated in your AMGCrypto account, you The commission can be withdrawn to your wallet in BTC.


4.Staking – Help Keep the Blockchain Secure and Earn Passive Rewards

One of the easiest ways to earn free crypto is to deposit tokens into a crypto staking platform. For those unaware, staking helps keep a blockchain network safe and functional. The tokens are locked into the blockchain for a certain period. This could be anything from a few days to 12 months.

There are two ways to engage in staking. The first option is to deposit the funds directly into the blockchain. This removes the need to use a third party, but rewards are generally lower. The better option is to use a staking facility that is offered by a regulated broker.


5.Earning Free BTC Through Bounties

Bounties are an excellent way for programmers or coders and non-coders to earn crypto by identifying and reporting flaws in platforms. Many crypto projects offer bounties as part of development, either in Bitcoins or other tokens.

Regarding that, check the Bounty0x bounty hunting platform which also helps users learn crypto.

Bounties can earn you a hefty amount of Bitcoins.



As you can see, if you have previous exposure to the cryptocurrency industry, cloud mining and staking are the best options for you. If you enjoy learning new things and have enough time, you can take more educational courses on cryptocurrencies and participate in bounty programs. If you have a lot of followers on social media, choosing Affiliate Programs will bring you a lot of passive income.

Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried, who has built some of the most valuable crypto companies in the world today and helped thousands of people get exposure to blockchain assets, pulls back the curtain to help you build wealth quickly and securely.
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