Kubet, KU CASINO is one of the reputable bookmakers, operating for a long time in Vietnam, always attracting many betting participants with its professional betting service a diverse game store.

Specifically, let’s learn about the KUBET online betting platform right away through the following contents:

The origin of the online bookie KUBET

The KUBET house is also known as KU CASINO by longtime betting brothers. Currently, the bookie manages by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) – Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation. This model is an online bookie established in 2003 when online betting was new. group formed. Currently, to access the official homepage of KUBET, to avoid confusion with other fake websites, you need to go directly to the website Ku casino and participate in safe online betting on this platform…

Previously, this betting platform was imported into Vietnam with the original name Thien Ha Bet and later changed its name to KUBET house. Currently, KU BET is one of the few professional bookmakers with more than ten years of operation in the Vietnamese market. Accompanied by various betting genres, this online platform has always attracted many brothers to bet despite the appearance of many new online bookmakers with countless attractive offers.

What is the betting game store at KUBET?

When it comes to kubet casinos, the first thing that betting enthusiasts think of is the highly diverse betting game store with many different types of betting. Specifically, let’s find out the betting game store at KUBET house below!

Betting at KUBET Sports lobby

As a person who likes to watch sports and is passionate about betting, it is impossible to ignore the sports betting hall at the online house KUBET VN. This betting platform allows you to bet on many attractive sports games. Specifically, some outstanding games include football betting, volleyball, hockey, and football betting. Football is always known as the betting game that attracts the most players today.

With the desire to bring you the most enjoyable experience, the KU BET team always tries to update the matches as quickly as possible. From there, we bring you attractive betting rounds with sports matches worldwide.

More specifically, KUBET is the house that offers the highest odds compared to other online platforms in the sports hall. After the end of the match, the bookie will conduct the settlement of the bet immediately, refunding each bet, not accumulating so that you waste time waiting or worrying about the house stealing money.

Live Casino KU CASINO

When you log in to KUBET, you can also choose to bet on attractive entertainment games. Typical mentioned, such as betting on online card games, big and small, dice for money, and baccarat. The betting casino at KUBET also has a live online betting form with a Vietnamese dealer. The communication process. Unlike some international bookies, the dealer can only speak English, which hinders communication.

With an attractive store of casino games and beautiful graphics, KUBET always attracts many brothers to love and participate in bets. Currently, KUBET is also one of the betting facilities with high odds that many players appreciate. Usually, this rate will be relatively different compared to other online bookies. At the same time, KU CASINO is one of the few online bookies operating 24/7 online casino  https://kubet77.vip/. So you can easily participate in online betting at any time.

Exploding KUBET jars are beautiful.

Exploding jars, also known as slot games, are among the most popular online betting games in recent times. Exploding jars at link Ku casino are also highly diverse with different ways of playing, promising not to disappoint enthusiasts when betting on this online platform.

Game shooting fish for money at the house KU BET

Players can say that shooting fish is a viral childhood game that many brothers love. When playing shooting fish at the KUBET bookie, you can not only entertain after stressful working hours but also have the opportunity to earn an attractive bonus from this house.

Play lotto online at KUBET

If playing traditional lotteries takes too much time and the winnings are not high, the online lottery at KU BET will be the most suitable choice. This online platform has been providing a variety of bet types, such as lotto bets and playing separate lotteries according to the results of the 3-zone lottery.

When participating in the lottery at the KUBET house, you will be able to receive an attractive bonus from the house. For example, when you win many topics on this online platform, you will receive a bonus amount ng with odds of 1 to 99, while traditional bets only receive a bonus of 1 to 80 or 1 to 70, depending on the region. The house will complete the settlement and pay the reward directly to you after the shooting time. So, rest assured, no need to worry about payment problems when playing lotteries at this bookie.

Betting on eSports (Esport)

In the last few years, the betting platform KU BET has added attractive e-sports betting games to meet the demand for betting on Esport tournaments worldwide. Those of you who are followers of electronic sports games will certainly not be able to ignore this form of betting.

Specifically, Kubet provides e-sports enthusiasts with basic bets such as league of legends, league games, Dota, or other titles from the game lobby. In general, this betting hall will bring you exciting and safe betting experiences.

Entertainment card game at the house KU CASINO

For the betting hall of card games at the KUBET house, you will have a space to play cards online with attractive games such as ginseng card games, phom to eat money, advance to the South …

With this betting lobby, you will not need to look for people with the same passion for gambling for money as before. In addition, KUBET also allows players to use online chat frames to share and exchange with brothers on the same betting table. This function will help players connect directly with people to get acquainted and, at the same time, can check if the house is using a bot game or not in this way.

Besides, you can also refer to other card games; this is a complete form of betting for money only available at the KUBET house up to this point so that it will give you. The most fun betting experience.

Some other betting games in the lobby KU CASINO

In addition to the outstanding betting categories mentioned above, the Kubet online betting platform also offers players many other betting games, such as 3D games, e-sports betting…

The Ku bet team optimizes all these betting games to give you the most enjoyable entertainment experience. In addition, the attractive bonus amount from the house is also a strategy to attract you to trust, participate and book at the link to KU Casino.

Online movie products at the KUBET bookie

In addition to providing you with attractive bets for money, the modern KU bookie also provides players with a completely free entertainment movie service. This model is one of the forms of gratitude to players tested by the KUBET online platform and received the love of many players.

Watch movies at the KUBET cinema hall.

Instead of being annoyed with movie copyright issues on movie websites or annoyed with short advertisements while watching movies for entertainment at movie websites on the market today, you can refer to the—free movie entertainment service at the KU movie lobby.

This bet is a new entertainment product integrated into Ku casino betting system not long ago and is only available to members with an account. The movies at Ku lobby are free and do not have many ads, so they will definitely give you the best experience.

At KU CASINO, you can enjoy your favorite movie genres such as idol movies, cartoons, movies, cinema movies, 18+ movies… The variety in movie genres is particular. It will bring you the most enjoyable experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to watch free movies, KU movies will be a great choice at the moment.

KUBET Cool-in Live lobby

Cool-in Live is a new entertainment category born not long ago at the KUBET bookie, so many of you will not know about this service. Specifically, Cool-in Live is a service developed by the bookie exclusively for those of you who love online sports and want to watch the show live but do not have the conditions. Besides, you can also chat directly with the MC of the program if you know how to use Chinese because currently, the MC of this function lobby does not support Vietnamese or English for players.

In general, if you are a sports enthusiast, immediately update this KU CASINO platform feature to watch matches worldwide without having to spend money to subscribe to a TV service package. Expensive.

Instructions on how to register and log in to KUBET

With the desire to help newcomers know how to write new members and participate in betting at the bookie, let’s learn how to write an account and log in to KUBET to participate in online betting. Online below!

The official link to access the KU BET bookie

Before learning how to register for KUBET and log in to the house, you also need to search The official registration link to the KUBET bookie to limit the situation of accessing the wrong website or the fake website of the house.

Specifically, at present, Kubet 

has many access pages to minimize the situation when the website is blocked; there is still a backup link to access.

In some cases, if the official website has a problem, the bookie KU BET will also try to update you with new backup domains and links to ensure you do not interrupt your betting process. 

How to make transactions at the KUBET bookie, you need to know

When betting at KU Casino online, indeed, the first thing you are interested in is how to deposit and withdraw money and the house’s bonus payment process. Specifically, how are these processes performed? Find out with us now!

Instructions on how to deposit to the KU account

Up to this point, the house KU CASINO has allowed players to deposit money in many different ways such as using online payment, bank transfer, Zalo pay, Momo e-wallet…

However, if you want to ensure the best safety and limit being “touched” by the police, you should choose the deposit method by wire transfer of some of the following banks: DAB, TCB, BIDV, STB, ACB, VCB, VTB, VIB.

About how to do it, you need to provide all the personal information required by the bookie and follow the instructions of KUBET in the deposit lobby to complete the quick deposit process by pressing the confirm button. Usually, deposit transactions at KUBET will be done relatively quickly, with an average time of 3-5 minutes for a trade.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from the KUBET bookie

Besides depositing money to have game capital, removing cash from the KU CASINO house is also one of the issues that are of particular interest to you because it is in the interests of the players, the purpose everyone wants. It is towards when choosing to participate in betting.

About how to do it, you also need to update your personal information about the account number, the name of the bank account holder, the password, and the amount to withdraw to the account, then click to confirm the withdrawal and wait.

The time for the bookie to process the deposit request will usually last 5 minutes if there is no problem. However, you should also note that using the account number to pay back the account holder’s name matches the name of the player registered at KU CASINO. The house can confirm the withdrawal transaction for you when there is a corresponding account.

Promotion at KUBET bookie

Currently, the Kubet house has been implementing a variety of promotions with the purpose of gratitude to old players and finding new players. Specifically, let’s find out right away some of the house’s outstanding promotions below!

Bonus when depositing money into the KU BET account

With this promotion, the bookie divided into two main target groups, including:

• New players deposit for the first time: Get a 20% promotion of the total deposit value. The reward can be up to 588 points, equivalent to VND 588,000.

• Players who make a second deposit: For those who make a second deposit, if the deposit amount is greater than 1 million, they will receive a bonus of 10% of the deposit value. The maximum bonus amount can be up to 588,000 VND.

Promotion to receive gifts from KUBET bookie – Choose 5 in 1

With this promotion, you can choose attractive gifts from the bookie, such as Bluetooth Speaker, multi-function sports watch, a negative ion air purifier, a Bluetooth headset, and a power bank. To receive this attractive promotion, you need to meet the condition that you deposit at least three times, and the total amount of money deposited into betting at Ku casino is at least 5 million VND.

KUBET – Weekly bet return promotion

This pattern is an indefinite refund program. The object promotion is all the brothers who have been participating in betting at the KU BET house. So, whether you are a longtime bettor or a new player, you can enjoy this KU CASINO promotion.

The refund amount will depend on the game portal you choose and the accumulated bet points. However, to get a refund, the player needs to use at least 1000 points in the last week for the house to review and refund the account.

Customer Support Service at KUBET

While participating in online betting at the KUBET bookie, you can immediately contact the care team if you encounter any problems during registration, betting login, depositing, or withdrawing money. Customer care of KUBET bookie for support as soon as possible.

This online platform currently supports customers 24/7 via Live chat, Email, Zalo, Telegram, and Hotline. Therefore, you can contact and receive support from KU CASINO’s staff at any time.

Why is KUBET so well known?

If you are a longtime online betting player, you must have heard of at least one of the KUBET online houses. This platform can develop in Vietnam for more than ten years and has attracted many brothers to bet and compete with many competitors today because of the outstanding advantages below!

The KUBET dealer keeps information confidential for players.

Currently, https://kubet77.vip/ always ensures absolute safety for players in terms of security. Specifically, the KUBET bookie is presently an international bookmaker, managed and controlled by competent authorities, governments, and international betting laws, so it is necessary to ensure the safety of betting. Player’s multiplier.

The house always uses a team of professional technical staff, ready to respond in all cases of attack to ensure absolute security of personal information for players, saying no to selling or selling information. Disclose information to third parties.

Access Kubet with a fast connection

Currently, the KUBET house also allows players to participate in stable betting on all internet-connected devices, whether 3G, 4G, or wifi networks, which can access betting on the KU house. CASINO with the sound transmission. This function helps you minimize the situation of lag, affecting your betting experience.

Of course, in some cases, if your internet network has a problem using average access speed, lag is inevitable. Therefore, you will need to adjust your device’s network speed to get the best quality betting experience.

KU BET has been operating for a long time. There is no situation of cheating players.

The KUBET house also needs to have a long operation time and prove players’ capacity and safety level when participating in betting.

The most obvious proof is that the house KU BET, after more than ten years of operation, does not allow fraudulent information or steal money from players. Although there have been many times when the house has faced fraud rumors, the representative of KU CASINO always has a specific explanation to the player, preventing the story from going beyond the limit and affecting the house’s reputation.

In addition, KUBET also allows to perform deposit and withdrawal transactions in a fast time and has detailed statistics and reports to players if violations are before locking the account, so it always receives respect and support. Households of many brothers.

The interface of the KUBET betting halls is beautiful and easy to see

The incredible and easy-to-see betting interface system is the next factor that helps Kubet attract many brothers to bet. Specifically, you will be able to participate in gambling with a smartly designed house interface with neutral colors, creating comfort for viewers.

Besides, this online betting platform by many brothers because of the clear image quality, especially the image quality in the online KU CASINO betting lobby and the sports live hall. This model gives you the most authentic and exciting betting experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, the KU BET house also attracts many people to bet by the following useful features:

• Diverse game store with many attractive titles

• High reward rate, always chosen by brothers

• Support you to participate in live casino betting, and chat directly with a beautiful and professional dealer.

• Online chat channel helps players chat and exchange during the betting process.

• Attentive customer support service with professional staff.

Some frequently asked questions when playing KUBET

When participating in playing KUBET Casino, you will undoubtedly encounter a few questions we have summarized and answered below for your reference.

Notice of successful deposit but no money in the wallet. How should I contact support?

There are some reasons why players can’t deposit or deposit unsuccessfully, such as:

• The network is congested, leading to slow money in

• Due to a system error in the betting wallet at the bookie

However, players need to contact the hotline for support if this situation encounters calmly. The operator side will help you look up transaction history and quickly transfer money to the player’s wallet.

At the end of the bet, how long after can the winner transfer money?

Usually, after winning the bet, the house will make statistics and make a list to transfer money. Players will receive the money within 24 hours from when the chance ends.

I forgot my login account. Can I get it back?

If you have linked your betting account with your phone number, you can choose to forget your password; at this point, the dealer will send an OTP code to your phone. Log back into the screen to reset your login information. If it still does not work, please get in touch with the hotline number of the bookie so that the operator can assist you.

Kubet the best bookie in Vietnam

Above are some of the most basic information related to Kubet online bookie. Hopefully, through this sharing, you have gained helpful knowledge related to the betting platform KU BET online, from which you can safely bet at this bookie in the future.


Address: Số 57 P. Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: 0965522361

Homepage: https://kubet77.vip/

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