How Low Will Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Go?

How Low Will Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Go?

Many experts are predicting a cryptocurrency winter. Crypto winters are prolonged periods of falling prices. The last one occurred between early 2018 and mid-2020. Some experts believe that bitcoin could fall to $20,000, while others say it could fall even lower. Bitcoin’s recent 30% decline is one of the major reasons many investors are wondering where the bottom may be for these digital assets. Listed below are three key factors that will affect the price of bitcoin and ethereum:

Price ranges

Prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum vary widely. For example, Bitcoin has fluctuated over the past few days between $18,905 and $20,000 and dropped as low as $18,476 on March 20. Ethereum is also down, going from $1,076 to $986 in less than two hours. Both coins are currently trading below the $20,000 mark, although the recent price dip was framed as good news for stablecoins.

Probability of a big fall

The biggest danger to the cryptocurrency market is the possibility that the price will crash completely, which would essentially kill the entire crypto market. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be worried – there are many factors that can make cryptocurrencies fall in value. If one of those factors occurs, investors will likely be quick to cash out their cryptos and offload them to avoid further losses.

Risk assets experience significant market volatility. Bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are no exception. The price of these risk assets can be affected by inflation, stock market volatility, or Fed monetary policy. With that in mind, it is crucial to understand what is driving these risks. This article will highlight some of these risks and explain how you can protect your assets from them. A major risk to crypto assets is heightened inflation.

The risk of a big fall in Bitcoin and Ethereum is very high – a large percentage of the market’s put and call contracts are positioned for price drops of $2k-$2.5k. If, however, an exchange delists Bitcoin, it will immediately delist all its bitcoins. That could mean a huge loss for millions of people. But, if the price drops dramatically, investors would be unable to sell their cryptos back to exchanges, which would lead to massive losses.

Impact of regulatory changes on price

Regulators often focus on three key areas when regulating the cryptocurrency market. The most obvious impact of regulatory changes on the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is on the regulatory framework. News about general bans or the treatment of cryptocurrencies as securities have the greatest adverse effect on their valuations. However, news about restrictions on the interoperability of cryptocurrencies with regulated markets tend to coincide with market gains. Regulation is a necessary step to keep the price of cryptocurrencies under control and bolster investor confidence.

Regulators may not be as clear as they once were. The SEC recently confirmed Gary Gensler as its chairman. While this could hurt cryptocurrency prices, it could also stifle innovation in a nascent industry. Furthermore, it could also prompt industry participants to move their operations to countries that have less strict regulations. Regulators can help prevent this by purging the industry of bad actors, encouraging trust and growth.

The government’s focus on protecting investors has led to new regulations. For instance, the New York Attorney General investigated the crypto trading platform Tether, and the state took punitive measures. While the state has many advantages, its regulations should also be implemented as a step to promote the development of the cryptocurrency industry. While regulations have their benefits, cryptocurrency firms should focus on their ethical practices. If they fail to do so, they risk losing their customers and their funds.

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