How Cryptocurrency Is Shaping Up To Be The Future Of Online Gaming

How Cryptocurrency Is Shaping Up To Be The Future Of Online Gaming

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has boomed, and its emergence into the mainstream financial markets has opened up a world of opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. Thanks to its online nature, it’s no surprise that many fans of cryptocurrency are also interested in online gaming, and there are growing connections between both industries that are leading many to see cryptocurrency as the future of online gaming in the 21st century. 

First Things First, What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or ‘crypto’, describes the currency that can be bought online in the form of digital assets. Secured by the blockchain, cryptocurrency encourages transparency across transactions and decentralization from any government interference. This approach also means that there is a lower chance of interference from external sources, and leaves crypto a popular choice for international creators to sell their content or services quickly and fairly. Because of this, those in the gaming industry are attracted to the opportunity that is provided by this interesting currency. 

The Crossover Between Crypto And Gaming

In many online games, transactions are made between a player and the game through a digital wallet, which would traditionally be topped up by linking a bank account with a physical address. However, thanks to the nature of cryptocurrency trading platforms, these in-game transactions can be done far easier and with complete transparency if crypto is used in place of a physical bank account, and so this has led to an influx of game developers introducing this style of trading into their games. There are even some games that have introduced a ‘play-to-earn’ feature through which players can earn cryptocurrency by completing different quests, missions, and levels. 

How Cryptocurrency Can Benefit The Gaming Industry

There are a whole host of benefits that come with cryptocurrency as it emerges into the gaming industry, with some of the most relevant including:

  • Increased Security:

Easily one of the most attractive benefits to cryptocurrency in the gaming sphere is the increased security that comes with these transactions – as crypto is backed by the blockchain, illegal transactions are rare, and this improves the confidence and in turn reliability of game developers. What’s more, the growing ability of gaming PCs to keep up with the intelligence of cryptocurrency trading means that more gamers are taking advantage of this increased security – those who game on Lenovo RTX Gaming PCs, for instance, are making the most of high performance that allows for seamless and secure crypto transactions in-game. 

  • International Gameplay: 

Crypto also makes international gameplay much easier, thanks to the way it cuts out any need for exchange rates to be considered. For gamers who travel regularly, this is a feature that can truly shape the future of gaming. 

  • Instant Fund Availability: 

One of the most infuriating challenges faced by gamers is the length of time that some transactions take for in-game purchases, especially if items or boosts are needed for a specific mission or quest before a player can continue. Because of this, the immediate availability of cryptocurrency is a great solution to a frustrating problem and is convincing in its ability to offer gamers something useful in the future. 

Cryptocurrency can appear to be a volatile asset in some circumstances, but the benefits that it holds for the gaming industry are far-reaching, and thanks to the growing influence of high-powered gaming PCs suitable for crypto trading, as well as the security and instantaneous nature of these transactions, these two industries are growing together at a fast rate. 

Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried

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