Dating Norwegian Women: The Nitty-Gritty

Dating Norwegian Women: The Nitty-Gritty

What makes women tick aside from a well-to-do man? Lots of compassion and desire to make it in life and possibly have a family are likable in men. Norwegian women have the same desires. Most of these ladies are family-oriented, hoping for men with little desire to show off and instead of men hoping to raise families. This is what one can expect while dating Norwegian women. 

The Nitty-Gritty of Norwegians 

While dating European women highlights the lives of many men, there are a few characteristics of these women worth noting. Aside from the fact it is important to learn their culture, taking things slow is important at the beginning. You will find several Scandinavian babes on and many are seeking foreign men too.

These babes are just that – babes – but you need to tread carefully before diving in headfirst. 

Ice Cold 

Norwegian babes seem to have icy personalities, but it doesn’t make them calloused. They are naturally cautious; showing emotions from the get-go isn’t in their nature. With time, Norwegian babes can become bubbly, after getting to know you. 

Because their cultures and lifestyles are mostly plush, it takes more to impress them. This means they prefer humble men, people with honest and down-to-earth personalities. Bragging about wealth makes you seem overly westernized; that’s not a good thing. 


Expect honesty while dating Norwegian babes and this includes rejections too. They are a culturally and honest bunch, which can be unnerving for some westernized men. It means one should expect to be called out for being arrogant, too laid back, or insensitive. Norwegian babes will not let things slide simply to please you. 

On that note, these ladies have no qualms leaving you and finding someone else. If you are friend-zoned, they won’t drag you along. Instead, they will let you know as soon as you decide if you still want to hang out. 


Native Norwegian men will give you a run for your money. It means as you chase their women, they simply sit back and watch things unravel. These men are built tough, in and out and they are career-oriented. Being a foreigner doesn’t automatically make you desirable to Norwegian women. 

When dealing with these ladies and their men, it is important to give it all you’ve got. It doesn’t mean getting physical or macho, but it does require you to bring something grand to the table. Whether you are charismatic, adorable, of high esteem, or awesome personality, let it all shine. 


Norwegian babes are independent, and careers are highly prioritized. From college to employment, they are independent of men for financial gain. This means while dating these women, men can enjoy a lady with less financial burden. 

However, it also means you have to bring more to the table. Unlike traditional women or traditional relationships, Norwegian babes aren’t keen on offers to stay home and be housewives. They will take off the home, but also have their careers in check. 


While dating might seem trying at times, Scandinavian women are wife material. You won’t regret marrying a lady you’ve known shortly because everything will be transparent. As you seek these women, you notice they have little time to waste. 

Registering and flirting with them on meet-your-love clarifies their need for stableness. You rarely find Norwegian girls seeking hookups or casual flings. They prefer someone they can take home, not to the brothel. 

Make time to visit dating sites and make new friends among locals, or international daters. Your next relationship with exotic babes is simply a profile away. Remember to visit advice columns, or ask for clarification regarding any cultural issues. Norwegian women frown on anyone who cannot respect their culture. 

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