What’s the Difference Between Deo & Perfume?

What’s the Difference Between Deo & Perfume?

Wearing a deo, perfume, or body splash has become more than just a method to keep body odor away. Having a signature scent adds an entirely new fragrant dimension to your personality. Smelling good can make you feel fresher and more confident. Furthermore, it enhances your mood and leaves a distinct impression on the people around you.

However, many of us struggle to decide the best fragrance for ourselves. And more than just the correct fragrance, we often struggle to decide which is the better option: deo or perfume. Before you can make that choice, let us assess the differences between these two. Once you can select the product you want, selecting your fragrance becomes much easier.

Perfume vs. deodorant: To smell or not to smell?

Among the many types of olfactory products available in the market, perfumes and deo are the most popular. But what exactly is the difference between them? Well, perfumes are essentially concentrated fragrance extracts. Therefore, these are concentrated potions to be applied to your skin and clothes. However, direct application on the skin is recommended only for pulse points like the neck, behind the ears, wrists, and back of the knees.

Perfumes are made of natural aromatic substances that are concentrated in liquid form. One of the most prominent ingredients in perfumes is essential oils. They are mostly available as liquids, and there are three types of perfumes- Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Parfum. They are ranked thus in increasing order of their aromatic concentrations.

What are deodorants?

Also called an antiperspirant, deodorants are fragrant body care products that are applied directly on the skin. It is fragrant but is not made up entirely of aromatic substances. Some antiperspirants are antiperspirants and help prevent body odor.

Many antiperspirants contain alcohol or other solvents in huge amounts. This is to help them be available in both liquid and gaseous forms. In addition, antiperspirants are usually formulated with these to make the skin’s surface acidic, which helps prevent the formation of body odor-causing bacteria.

Antiperspirants can be available in gels, roll-ons, mists, or sticks. They also contain antibacterial substances to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Deos vs. perfumes

The major difference between antiperspirants and perfumes is their intended purpose. Antiperspirants are formulated to keep body odor away, while perfumes are intended to make you smell better. While antiperspirants can help you smell better, perfumes cannot help you keep body odor away.

Another difference between the two is the concentration of fragrant substances in them. Perfumes have aromatics for 15-25% of their volume, while antiperspirants have only 2-3%.

Which is better: antiperspirant or perfume?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room! The antiperspirant vs. perfume debate has been around for quite some time now. While everyone’s preference decides the best option, antiperspirants generally seem to be a better option. This is because they are a cost-effective method of smelling better and keeping body odor away. 

They are also much gentler on the skin as the concentration of essential oils is much lesser than in perfumes. However, with evolving aromatic science, an antiperspirant with the flair of perfume may be within your reach. This is why so many different classes of perfumed products have evolved over the last few decades in India alone.

Why choose Mamaearth’s ME Deo?

While we are all fans of antiperspirants and the best perfume for women, it is well-established that natural scents of the body are excellent sources of pheromones. So imagine if you could somehow have an antiperspirant personalized to you and your body’s scent. Sounds like a distant dream, right?

However, this fantasy might just have become a reality. So if you’re looking for your signature scent that will elevate your natural fragrance, your search ends today!

With Mamaearth’s ME deo, embrace a one-of-a-kind deodorizing experience that defines your ‘YOU-niquenessm.’ This unisex antiperspirant is crafted to mix with your skin oils and give rise to a distinct scent. This scent is unique and cannot be replicated.

Additionally, the freshness this antiperspirant offers is long-lasting and quite refreshing. It keeps body odor and sweat under control for up to 8 hours. It can last up to 800 sprays and they would all be full of floral, fruity, and musky undertones. 

Its features the following characteristics: 

  • Top notes: A sweet citrusy scent obtained by a floral blend of Petitgrain oil and Neroli Accord. This scent will keep the freshness long-lasting. Furthermore, its headiness will automatically showcase your presence as you walk into a room.
  • Middle notes: Experience a sweet, refreshing floral fragrance that uplifts the sense of everyone around you. This fragrance is courtesy of the fusion of Rose AS Damascena, Peach, and Jasmine ABS India LMR. Mesmerize everyone with the richness of these fragrances.
  • Base notes: For a subtle woody undertone, the earthy mixture of Musk and Cashmeran delivers on their promises. This ensures your personalized scent leaves its impact, imprinting your ‘you-nique’ scent on everyone’s senses.

The best part? This unisex antiperspirant does all this through the power of natural goodness. With Mamaearth’s ‘Made Safe’ certified range of products, you can expect that it is free of toxins and allergens – including silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and dyes. Therefore, you get the best of all worlds and the worst of none!

Summing up!

A one-of-a-kind fragrance that is ‘you-nique’ to you is an experience you might not have even if you choose the best perfume for women. However, with Mamaearth’s ME deo, you can truly experience a one-of-a-kind fragrance that cannot be replicated. It means that you can wear your style as and when you’d want, and create a strong style statement wherever you go!

Characterized by a harmonious blend of floral, Cashmeran and Musk, this ‘Made Safe’ certified antiperspirant is a must-have product for your vanity. Additionally, the pleasant woody undertones, the exhilarating fruity notes of Neroli Accords, and the sweet floral hints of Rose can help evoke an effortlessly charming fragrance that keeps your body odor away for 8 hours! Try this ‘you-nique’ product packed with the goodness of natural ingredients today!

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