Get Your Username3 – A Web3 Platform That Helps you Create a Social Media Link Tree

Get Your Username3 – A Web3 Platform That Helps you Create a Social Media Link Tree

Coming on 16 October 2022 is an innovative new web3 platform that allows you to create a decentralised social media link tree on your profiles. Username 3 provides a solution to a common issue while also bringing a ton of added benefits. 

When creating an account on most social media platforms, you are limited to sharing just a single link on your profile. That means having to choose between links to other profiles on sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. That limitation has proved unpopular with many individuals and businesses that want to share links to more than just one other profile.

Platforms such as Allmylinks and Linktree took the lead to provide a solution to these limitations. The Username3 works similarly but with some core differences, which we will discuss later. They work by allowing users to create a profile on a landing page that displays links to each of their social media profiles. By adding the link to that profile on their social media platforms, viewers can gain access to all the user’s social media links/profiles.

What Differentiates Username3 from Those Platforms?

While Username3 has similarities with other platforms, including Linktree and AllmyLinks, it offers key differences, additional perks, and advantages. 

These include:

  • Username3 is a web 3 platform created on the Solana blockchain.
  • Your profile is an NFT that you own and can sell in the future.
  • You receive payments in your Phantom wallet when profile clicks result in new Username3 registrations.
  • You benefit from a 10-level referral program. 50% of primary sales at Username3 are distributed back to the community. 
  • The first 25,000 Username3 NFT profiles minted become OGs (gain access to premium features and other perks).

Essentially, rather than hosting and developing your own website landing page, you receive one on the Slana blockchain. You own 100% of your profile and the links and NFTs contained within it. You can add links to all major social media platforms, recommended websites, blogs, and anything else on the world wide web! Plus, you can earn money via clicks and referrals or even sell your NFT profile at any point down the line. 

Mark Millar, the CEO of Username3 said: “Regardless of who you are and what you do, most likely you have more interesting links that you want to share with your audience. Username3 works the same way but there is a big difference! Our product is integrated on the blockchain”

“Since you are the owner of your link, every time someone clicks on it and buys a username, you will get an instant 20% payment to your Solana wallet as a reward.”

You can learn more about the account set up process at Username3 here: 

How to Get Your Decentralized Web3 Social media NFT Link Tree?

Before you can mint a username on Username3, you first have to create a Phantom Wallet account. It is available at both the Apple and Google stores and allows you to load it with some Solana coins. If users do not own any Solana coins, they can use the wallet to purchase some using a credit card.

Users can then search for their desired username. If available, members can purchase it and become owners of their new NFT profile and landing page. Within minutes, you can add links to your social media profiles, webpages, videos, websites, and more. You also have the option of customizing your profile with a bio, profile pic, and even a personal video. 

To get the full value of their Username3 profile, users can simply add their link to all the social media profiles they own. Visitors that click that link are taken to the user’s Username3 profile and the links and information within it. Each click gives you the potential to earn Solana coins, while a 10-tier referral program also brings lucrative rewards. Then, as you own the NFT profile you purchased, you can sell it at any point in the future. Plus, there is nothing stopping you from owning multiple usernames. In fact, username3 offers bundles that get cheaper the more you purchase. 

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