Get Your Username3 – A Web3 Platform That Helps you Create a Social Media Link Tree

Coming on 16 October 2022 is an innovative new web3 platform that allows you to create a decentralised social media link tree on your profiles. Username 3 provides a solution to a common issue while also bringing a ton of added benefits. 

When creating an account on most social media platforms, you are limited to sharing just a single link on your profile. That means having to choose between links to other profiles on sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. That limitation has proved unpopular with many individuals and businesses that want to share links to more than just one other profile.

Platforms such as Allmylinks and Linktree took the lead to provide a solution to these limitations. The Username3 works similarly but with some core differences, which we will discuss later. They work by allowing users to create a profile on a landing page that displays links to each of their social media profiles. By adding the link to that profile on their social media platforms, viewers can gain access to all the user’s social media links/profiles.

What Differentiates Username3 from Those Platforms?

While Username3 has similarities with other platforms, including Linktree and AllmyLinks, it offers key differences, additional perks, and advantages. 

These include:

  • Username3 is a web 3 platform created on the Solana blockchain.
  • Your profile is an NFT that you own and can sell in the future.
  • You receive payments in your Phantom wallet when profile clicks result in new Username3 registrations.
  • You benefit from a 10-level referral program. 50% of primary sales at Username3 are distributed back to the community. 
  • The first 25,000 Username3 NFT profiles minted become OGs (gain access to premium features and other perks).

Essentially, rather than hosting and developing your own website landing page, you receive one on the Slana blockchain. You own 100% of your profile and the links and NFTs contained within it. You can add links to all major social media platforms, recommended websites, blogs, and anything else on the world wide web! Plus, you can earn money via clicks and referrals or even sell your NFT profile at any point down the line. 

Mark Millar, the CEO of Username3 said: “Regardless of who you are and what you do, most likely you have more interesting links that you want to share with your audience. Username3 works the same way but there is a big difference! Our product is integrated on the blockchain”

“Since you are the owner of your link, every time someone clicks on it and buys a username, you will get an instant 20% payment to your Solana wallet as a reward.”

You can learn more about the account set up process at Username3 here: 

How to Get Your Decentralized Web3 Social media NFT Link Tree?

Before you can mint a username on Username3, you first have to create a Phantom Wallet account. It is available at both the Apple and Google stores and allows you to load it with some Solana coins. If users do not own any Solana coins, they can use the wallet to purchase some using a credit card.

Users can then search for their desired username. If available, members can purchase it and become owners of their new NFT profile and landing page. Within minutes, you can add links to your social media profiles, webpages, videos, websites, and more. You also have the option of customizing your profile with a bio, profile pic, and even a personal video. 

To get the full value of their Username3 profile, users can simply add their link to all the social media profiles they own. Visitors that click that link are taken to the user’s Username3 profile and the links and information within it. Each click gives you the potential to earn Solana coins, while a 10-tier referral program also brings lucrative rewards. Then, as you own the NFT profile you purchased, you can sell it at any point in the future. Plus, there is nothing stopping you from owning multiple usernames. In fact, username3 offers bundles that get cheaper the more you purchase. 

The Top Methods to get Mining Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of fraud or third-party interference. Mining is how new Ethereum is brought into circulation and it has become increasingly popular as the value of Ethereum has gone up. If you’re interested in getting started with mining Ethereum, here are the top methods you can use to get started!

Ethereum Mining Pools

There are many different ways to get started mining Ethereum, but one of the most popular and effective methods is to join an Ethereum mining pool. Mining pools allow miners to pool their resources together, which increases their chances of successfully mining a block and receiving a reward.

There are many different Ethereum mining pools to choose from, so it’s important to do some research and select a pool that best fits your needs. Some pools may require you to run special software or pay a fee, so be sure to read the fine print before joining.

Once you’ve joined a pool, you’ll need to connect your Ethereum mining software to the pool’s address. This will allow the pool to track your shares and pay you out accordingly.

Mining in a pool is often the most efficient way to mine Ethereum, as it maximizes your chances of finding a block and receiving a reward. If you’re serious about mining Ethereum, a mining pool is an essential part of your setup.

Cloud Mining

If you’re not interested in mining Ethereum yourself, you can use a cloud mining service. With cloud mining, you rent resources from a provider for a certain amount of time. The provider manages all of the hardware and software required for mining, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects.

There are several reputable cloud mining providers that offer plans with different hash rates and contracts. Before you choose a provider, make sure to do your research and compare costs.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you’ll need to set up an account and fund it with cryptocurrency. You can then start mining Ethereum!

GPU Mining

GPU mining is the process of using a graphics processing unit (GPU) to mine cryptocurrency. GPUs are well-suited to mining because they can perform many calculations simultaneously and have relatively low power consumption.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a GPU for mining:

1. Hash rate: This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a GPU for mining. The hash rate is the number of calculations that the GPU can perform per second. The higher the hash rate, the more cryptocurrency you will mine.

2. Power consumption: Another important factor to consider is the power consumption of the GPU. Mining can be very power-intensive, so you’ll want to make sure that your GPU doesn’t consume too much energy.

3. Price: When it comes to GPUs, you get what you pay for. The higher-end GPUs will usually be the best performers, but they will also be the most expensive. If you’re on a budget, there are still some good options available.

4. Compatibility: You’ll need to make sure that your GPU is compatible with your mining software and hardware. Some GPUs may not be compatible with certain types of mining rigs or software.

ASIC Mining

ASIC mining is the process of using specialized hardware to mine cryptocurrency. This type of mining is different from traditional mining, which uses GPUs or CPUs to mine. ASICs are purpose-built for mining and are much more efficient at it than other types of miners.

While ASICs are more expensive than traditional miners, they offer a number of advantages. First, ASICs are much faster at mining than other types of miners. This means that you can earn more cryptocurrency in a shorter period of time. Second, ASICs generate less heat than other types of miners, so they’re easier to keep cool. This is important because overheating can damage your mining equipment and reduce its lifespan.

If you’re interested in ASIC mining, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure you buy an ASIC that is compatible with the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Second, be sure to do your research on a reputable seller before making your purchase. Finally, remember that ASIC mining is a more expensive option than traditional mining, so be prepared to invest a bit more money upfront.

Ethereum Mining Overview

Ethereum is a public, open-source, decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. Ethereum mining is how new Ethereum is brought into circulation and it is also a security measure to ensure the network is robust against attacks.

There are two main ways to mine Ethereum: solo mining and pool mining. With solo mining, you are responsible for finding blocks and will get the entire block reward of 4 ETH for each one you find. With pool mining, you work with a group of miners who share the work of finding blocks and you receive a portion of the block reward based on the amount of work you put in.

The most important thing to know about Ethereum mining is that it’s not terribly energy intensive. One estimate puts Ethereum’s energy consumption at 0.21 Joules per GH/s – less than a fifth of Bitcoin’s 0.95 Joules per GH/s. This means that even if Ethereum’s price drops relative to Bitcoin, it could still be more profitable to mine.


There you have it — the top methods for mining Ethereum. While some of these methods may be more suited for large-scale operations, others are perfect for those who want to get started with mining Ethereum on a smaller scale. No matter which method you choose, make sure that you do your research and only invest what you can afford to lose. With Ethereum prices on the rise, now is a great time to start mining!

There are a few other things to keep in mind when considering whether to start mining Ethereum. The first is that it will probably be necessary to invest in some expensive hardware. ASICs designed specifically for Ethereum mining are not yet widely available,

Discover How an eCommerce Website Builder Work

A business grows when it sells more. You need more and more customers to identify your brand or products to increase your sales and revenue. You can do it with less effort by having a website up and running. No wonder, a website is a fundamental part of a consumer’s journey to knowing and buying a brand or product. Over 90 percent of web users search for a product or service online before they make a decision to buy. 

Over 99,000 searches are processed by Google every second, which makes it over 8.5 million searches every day according to Internet Live Statistics, 2022. With a visually appealing and functional eCommerce website, you can have target customers looking for their preferred product or service. With mobile phones, it is easy to check information about a company, compare products, read reviews, and check prices and availability. One can do all these on the go online. 

Your business needs these actions from prospective customers to grow. A website will help them know whether you have the product or service they are looking for. They need to make an informed decision, for which they need information. A well-designed website can help them. Maybe, your small business doesn’t have a website because you think it is not affordable. Building an eCommerce website is easy today and you don’t have to worry about paying professional web developers, who are expensive.  

There are online tools to help you build an eCommerce store quickly. An eCommerce website builder is an online platform that allows you to create a website without any technical or coding skills. For that, you just have to find a suitable web-building service provider who offers simple subscription plans to create a standard website or a functional eCommerce store. Such plans come with a free 15-day trial to enable you to experience the software and its tools. 

The plan offers access to a range of mobile-friendly templates, an eCommerce platform to add more functions to your store, an intuitive drop-and-drag tool to manage your site, email accounts, and an SSL certificate. Here are some reasons to use an online website builder.

  1. Offers professional templates with different themes 

You can have your eCommerce store in your preferred way by choosing appropriate designs from a wide selection of templates. You can customize the templates by setting a header page layout, font, webpage background, image, and menu position. You can also add a logo and more images and photos to it. The responsive templates optimise the webpages on any device, including a mobile phone, with an easy-to-use menu and tabs for users to access the website easily.  

  1. Don’t require technical skills to create an eCommerce website 

A website builder does not ask for technical or programming skills to use it. Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop technology allow the user to create a customized web page by choosing the designs editing them, adding text, and uploading images and photos with a few mouse clicks and dragging and dropping the elements. You can build a store in a few minutes and launch it immediately. A conventional web-designing process takes time, which will cost sales and profit. An eCommerce web builder gives you free or paid access to extensions and plugins to list products under relevant heads, get orders, and receive payments. 

  1. Maintain your online store by making changes 

The templates are designed to optimize your website to suit any device’s screen. It helps you to edit your site from anywhere on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Moreover, the eCommerce platform is available on the service provider’s server to log in and update it by adding or removing elements. The easy-to-use tools help you to drag and drop your preferred content, change its appearance, and add images or photos to the page. 

The subscription plan comes with a free library of images to add to the webpage. You can give also create slideshows. 

  1. Use free and paid applications and extensions 

There are extensions and applications that are free and paid as well to add functions to your eCommerce store. For instance, the online platform allows you to add multi-currency payment options to improve sales and revenue. 

  1. Supports social media integration

The software allows you to promote your products or service on various social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as on websites, smartphones, and online marketplaces.

In short, with an appropriate and affordable eCommerce website builder plan and hosting service, you can launch your store online quickly.

Crypto Signals: 7 Things To Know

If you’re new to crypto trading, trade calls or signals are some popular ways to profit from the evolving market. They’ve prescribed trading instructions given to individual traders by crypto signal providers. Typically, they guide you through trade executions on the trading floor of the digital currency market.

Traders look for opportunities in the market and may try to formulate probable plans that enable them to capitalize on the crypto market swings. Crypto signals consider the fundamental and technical analysis of the underlying digital market to produce an execution strategy. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify a specific group of cryptocurrencies or crypto pairs to trade at a given price and time.

Are you wondering what value crypto signals can add to your trading business? Below are seven things you need to know about the trade calls:

Expiration Crypto Signals

The cryptocurrency market is speculative, and price action moves faster as more traders and investors compete for opportunities. You might have a small window to execute the crypto signals you receive from your provider.

In addition, the trade calls are subject to change due to underlying market activity on each cryptocurrency. For instance, a buy signal can only work at a prescribed price and time on the crypto trading charts. If you delay, the crypto signal becomes obsolete and can’t promise good returns. So, ensure you have a trading plan waiting for execution once you receive the calls.

Verifying Signal Sources

Crypto signals follow the research on each trading pair and the triggers that can inform market execution. Savvy traders may rely on experience to enter trade positions or use automation technology such as software to generate crypto signals.

All the same, it’s wise to verify the crypto signal sources before implementing the instructions transmitted to you. The market is famous for producing instant profits and losses in equal measures. Therefore, you must research or consult the crypto trading community about the crypto signals before deploying them as a strategy in your business.

Interpreting Crypto Signal

By the time you’re using crypto signals in your trading business, you must have an idea of how the cryptocurrency market works. It’ll enable you to accurately take trading positions or close trades when the market becomes hyper-volatile.

Aside from analyzing the market, interpreting crypto signals is a crucial step that you can’t overlook. For instance, trade call providers can send alerts to prompt market entry and exit points. Misinterpreting the signals can result in significant losses or unintentionally blowing your capital account. Read through every instruction transmitted by your crypto signal providers.

Compatibility With Crypto Trading Bots

Trading bots have become a fallback plan for investing in the financial markets. They use predefined parameters set by traders to enter or exit trade positions. The trading bots accommodate new and experienced traders who want to leverage opportunities in the speculative markets.

You can install the signals you receive from your provider and delegate trading instructions to the bots. You’ll avoid babysitting your trades and eliminate or reduce risks on the trading floor. However, you must ensure that the algorithm or software is compatible with the exchange platform you use to trade. Also, your crypto signals should be consistent with trading bots to capitalize on opportunities in the market.

Risk Management

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is a risk that requires a cautious approach. Crypto signals suggest how much capital to use in executing a trade when the market is active. It helps you manage risk and protect your portfolio while taking advantage of profitable businesses.

The signals rely on a previous market analysis of price action trends to predict the next move for the underlying crypto trading pairs. It doesn’t mean the market will follow the predictions, so it’d be wise to invest the recommended percentage in the crypto signals.

Being Mindful Of The Targets

Trade calls are well-analyzed instructions that come with simple instructions for newbies or savvy traders in the market. Suggested targets such as take-profit and stop loss, among others, outline your trade execution processes.

These targets add to your trading plan and risk management strategy to safeguard your portfolio. You must decide how much to collect from the trading floor during the market swing. Moreover, crypto signals have a breakdown of targets you can choose depending on your capital and risk appetite.

Monitoring Crypto Signal Performance

It’s easy to assume that the crypto signals will perform as required and ignore crypto market volatility. Whether you manually execute your trades or automate them, you must frequently monitor how they perform by looking at the price actions on the chart. You’ll learn what signals to use or reject by considering the returns they bring when you close trades.

Final Thoughts

Crypto signals are one of many ways to invest in the digital currency markets. They help you avoid the challenges of analyzing the market and executing uninformed trades. Also, you’ll be steps ahead of price actions in a hyper-volatile market and ensure that you close profitable trades as instructed. However, you must first learn how the underlying cryptocurrency market works before using the crypto signals in your trading business.

How Should I Know Which Remote Job Is Best For Me?

For some, working from their comfort zone is the meaning of enjoying an amazing existence. Remote jobs are on the ascent as multiple reports show that individuals permitted to work remotely are less worried, more useful, and perform better compared to those expected to work in an office.

It’s not generally simple to secure remote positions, not to mention get employed for them. Such a great deal of customary enlisting and recruiting is worked around the face-to-face open doors. In any case, it’s most certainly possible if you know how and where to look — and how to stand apart as a heavenly far-off competitor.

Following are a couple of tips to assist you with tracking down the ideal far off an open door and getting employed.

  • Consider how much solidness you’re chasing. There are a variety of ways of working from a distance. You can fill in as a full-time, salaried worker for one organization or deal with an agreement for a couple of months. It’s critical to consider what sort of distant open door will work for you.
  • You can search for organizations that keep conventional work hour’s time permitting zone, assuming that is best for you. You can find an adaptable organization that will allow you to work whenever, not any place. Or, on the other hand, you can match your ideal timetable to a time region where those hours are normal.
  • You must ensure you jive with individuals you work with and are ready for the organization’s main goal and values. In any case, while you’re going after a remote position on Gwaber, there’s an additional layer. Each organization unexpectedly accomplishes remote work. A few organizations have standard video gatherings to stay in contact with their small group, while others are more distant.
  • Numerous distant representatives and entrepreneurs take care of their responsibilities in collaborating spaces, making them a great spot to search out new remote work leads. If the cooperating room has a part work board, filter the open positions, check whether anything seems like it may be a solid match, and search out the individual or group employed.
  • If you need to work from a distance, you’ll likewise have to organize from a distance, and the main part of that systems administration will occur on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an incredible spot for you to interface with recruiting supervisors and exhibit your abilities and experience. In any case, to get recruited, you want a profile that will get you taken note of.
  • Seeing the situation according to the organization’s perspective is basic. What characteristics would a recruiting chief need for somebody in this job? Far-off managers need somebody reliable, self-beginning, a decent communicator, and partakes in their work. Make certain to feature those ascribes in your Gwaber resume and meetings. Before you apply or meet for remote positions, set aside some margin to pinpoint what makes you the ideal contender for working from a distance.

Ensure you depend on the speed with the innovation. You’ll have to effectively work from a distance to achieve the objectives set out for yourself and to speak with your group. Watch instructional exercises on YouTube, take a supplemental class, and take the necessary steps to familiarize yourself.

The Bitsoft360 – the number one auto trading platform 

Have you ever thought about what high-quality auto trading platform can enable traders with fantastic trading opportunities? What are the essential features of one auto trading software with top-notch technology nowadays?

Regardless of your experience level in cryptocurrency trading, you should get to know that extraordinary auto trading platforms are the number one trading tool for motivated traders.

Without the assistance of one of these platforms, chances for high profits in the volatile crypto market aren’t so big. So, it’s essential to know which platform these days is relevant, reliable, and recommended for devotees crypto enthusiasts.

One platform that provides great trading opportunities, and high chances for profit is the Bitsoft360 platform.

It has innovative and quality features that mustn’t be neglected if you are eager to achieve significant profits. Get all the essential information you need to know about this top-notch platform!

What is the BItsoft360 all about?

Bitsoft360 refers to a specific auto trading platform or a smart trading robot developed with the most innovative technology in auto trading. It possesses the powerful algorithm responsible for detecting market movements in just a few milliseconds. Besides that, it is able to generate continuous profits and enter or/and exit trades at the right time.

With the use of mathematical and sophisticated algorithms and extraordinary software solutions, trades automatically. A great number of smart trading strategies are also applicable. It includes copy trading, too. 

It is specially made for cryptocurrency trading.

The Bitsoft360 auto trading platform is made for cryptocurrency trading. It can also be used by professional and novice traders, regardless of their expertise or experience level. Newbies can comprehend how the cryptocurrency market works, while professionals could:

  • Achieve ultimate automatization of trade
  • Entry and exit points
  • Save personal time by setting desired strategies
  • Eliminate emotional factors. 

How does Bitsoft360 work exactly? 

All that devotee’s crypto traders are required to do is to define exactly what their trading parameters are, with what they feel comfortable with, and allow the Bitsoft360 software to do all the work instead of them.

Thanks to highly innovative trading tools and features that enable 24/7 monitoring of the market, profitable trades are made from highly accurate technical analysis functionalities. With Bitsoft360, trading is extremely factual. You can make serious decisions based on both fundamental and technical analysis.

This platform is 100% computerized and functions by making rational and calculated decisions, eliminating the potential for making a mistake out of emotions. It provides the most essential and life-changing opportunities in the crypto market. 

Why use it in the crypto market? 

It’s well-known that one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic markets is the crypto market. It’s because of the great possibility of doubling, even tripling, wealth overnight, which could make people extremely rich. 

To get all the greatest opportunities for making profits, execute trades automatically, and get a top-notch, fast and efficient trading experience, the auto trading app such as Bitsoft360 is there to protect your trades from going into huge and rapid losses. 

Some experts consider stocks a much safer option, but even the best stocks, such as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and Amazon, don’t have as much growth potential at the same speed as crypto does. Therefore, choosing Bitsoft360 as your must-have auto trading tool in the crypto market could make you a very successful trader in the long run! 

Top Reasons to Sell Crypto Instantly 

Buying and selling cryptocurrency is a common investment today. It is called crypto trading. However, there are many other reasons why crypto holders would want to sell even if they are not actively involved in trading. 

Crypto selling platforms now promote instant selling because it is convenient, secure, and affordable. Whether you are selling as an active trader or because you just need to sell the crypto, there are many reasons to consider instant crypto selling options. Here are the most popular ones. 

The Value Has Doubled 

No one can predict the actual price of cryptocurrency with certainty. It is a volatile industry with regular fluctuations. You can sell crypto instantly if its value has doubled right now and you do not intend to wait even for a minute. 

Fortunately, instant crypto exchanges such as NakitCoins complete transactions in real-time. So, you do not need to wait even for a second as soon as you click sell. This is an opportunity to fetch the highest dollar for your digital assets.

There is a Hacking Threat

Digital currencies are prone to hacking. Anything can happen at any time. If you get intel about such a threat, you might need to sell crypto instantly. If you feel that your investment is threatened, there is no time to wait, so it is best to find an instant crypto exchange and cash out all of your digital assets or do a crypto swap to another crypto option. 

Fortunately, reliable instant crypto exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, physical exchanges, and other platforms will help you sell crypto instantly whenever you need it. All you need to do is choose the right option that works for you. 

You’ve Found a Better Investment

Crypto investment options are growing by the day. Gone are the days when the major cryptocurrencies only included Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and USDT. There are about 12,000 different types today. 

You can sell crypto instantly if you need to try a better digital asset immediately. The good thing about doing instant sales is to avoid wasting time, especially if the opportunity window is short. Those who have been in the crypto industry for some time know how these opportunities work.

To Take Care of an Emergency

Emergencies are unpredictable and can come at any time. The most important thing is to have an emergency fund to take care of such situations. If you have a crypto investment, you can use some of it to finance the emergency. However, you need to sell crypto instantly to get cash to take care of this. For many people, this is a great option, especially now that selling cryptocurrency is easier.

Instant crypto exchanges are reliable because you can have cash in your bank within a short time. All you need to know is which options work fastest without fail.


When you want to sell crypto instantly, regardless of the reason, it is crucial to choose a reliable selling platform. Fortunately, there are many these days. For now, you know the main reasons why crypto investors want to sell instantly and you can make the right decision easily.

One of the most chaotic hacks’’ | Hackers drain over USD 200 million from a crypto start-up.

The huge crypto theft has stolen about $200 million in worth from Nomad, such a cross-chain token bridge, in what appears to be a weekly occurrence. These bridges are intended to allow consumers to move crypto tokens across various blockchains. Without getting too technical, they function by locking up assets in one network and reprinting them in a ‘wrapped’ form on some other: this is known as a smart contract.

In yet another incident showing flaws in the decentralized financial realm, hackers stole over $200 million in bitcoin from Nomad, a program that allows users to exchange tokens from one network to another.

It’s unclear how the hack was carried out, or whether Nomad intends to repay users who lost credentials in the assault. When CNBC contacted the firm, which bills itself as a “secure cross-chain messaging” service, no one was immediately available for comment.


Nomad functions as a generic protocol that allows users to transmit and collect cryptocurrency tokens across several blockchains. The attack is part of a continuing pattern in which hackers target these “bridges” with flaws and drain their revenues.

Bridges function by “wrapping” coins on one system after suspending them on another using smart contracts. The bridge allows the worth of the token to be moved from one blockchain to another by freezing them on the genesis network, ensuring that the same ticket is not duplicated between the two chains.

Nomad is a protocol that connects Ethereum, Moonbeam, and other networks. The Nomad bridging protocol consists of both on-chain and off-chain parts. Off-chain agents transmit and verify communications between multiple blockchains, while on-chain smart contracts gather and distribute bridging monies. Every blockchain has a Replica contract that confirms and stores communications in a Merkle tree structure. Messages can be validated by either giving proof with the proveAndProcess() function or just submitting them with the process() call if they have already been confirmed. Verified communications are sent to a Bridge handler (for example, an ERC20 Router) that can distribute spanned assets.


Unlike most bridge attacks, where a single perpetrator is responsible for the entire exploit, Samczun explains that the “chaotic” Nomad attack was clear in which populists flocked to steal monies from the overpass once word got out, likely to result in what the scientist described as a “frenzied free-for-all.” According to Peckshield, a blockchain security business, more than 41 accounts drained $152 million – or 80% of the stolen assets.

“All that was needed to expose it was to duplicate the original hacker’s transaction and replace the original address with a modified one.” “It’s just copy-paste,” Hetman continued. Wrapped Ether (WETH), WBTC, USD Coin (USDC), and other tokens were drained off the bridge as a result of the event.

Nomad’s Acknowledgement:

The crypto business acknowledged the hack in a tweet late Monday. The corporation stated that they were informed of the token bridge issue.

They also stated that they were reviewing the instances and will offer updates once all of the information was obtained. However, it is unclear how the hackers planned the assault, and Nomad has not stated if it intends to compensate anyone who lost crypto in the incident.

Bridge hacking:

As previously stated, Nomad acts as a bridge, allowing users to trade data and tokens between multiple crypto networks. These are useful for avoiding the exorbitant processing costs that are levied when transactions are done directly on blockchains such as Ethereum.

However, because of examples of poor design and weaknesses, they have recently been a target for hackers. This year alone, some gateways have been abused, resulting in losses of around $1 billion in crypto assets.

Bridge exploitation:

Ronin, a blockchain bridge, was attacked in April, resulting in $600 million in losses. According to US authorities, North Korea was responsible for the strike.

A few weeks later, another bridge named Harmony was attacked, and the crime cost the bridge roughly $100 million. Nomad, like Harmony and Ronin, became a target owing to a flaw in their coding, albeit there were a few differences.

Hackers required private keys to command the network and move the currency in the previous two attacks, but with Nomad, they were able to create transactions after an upgrade.

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Gold for Your IRA

Many gold IRA companies are opaque, offering no information on fees. Birch Gold Group, however, provides all fees for its accounts online. They are listed as a flat annual fee, rather than a percentage of the account value. While this may be advantageous for those with a large account balance, it may be a disadvantage for investors with smaller accounts.

Investing in gold

While fixed-income and equity investments are considered safe havens for retirement savings, they may not be sufficient hedges against inflation. That’s when an IRA for investing in precious metals can be a good option. Gold is an element that is commonly used in technology and has a cultural significance in some countries. Many investors swear by this investment method.

The precious metals price continues to rise and has historically been a safe haven. While traditional IRAs like these are suited for short-term holdings, precious metals tend to hold its value over long periods of time, which makes it an ideal asset for an IRA. This asset type also offers tax benefits, and is self-directed, meaning that you’ll be in charge of your own investments.

There are also a number of other benefits of owning physical precious metals, including the tax advantages. If you’re wondering if precious metals in IRA is a good fit for you, you can visit IRS guidance for an independent retirement account.

One of the main differences between traditional and Roth precious metals independent retirement accounts are the tax treatment. While traditional precious metals independent retirement accounts are funded with pre-tax money, they’re not taxed until you take out distributions during retirement.

Roth precious metals independent retirement accounts, on the other hand, are funded with after-tax money and therefore have no tax advantage immediately. In addition, these independent retirement accounts offer tax benefits, but you’ll have to pay taxes at the time of retirement. Some independent retirement accounts allow for the rolling over of a portion of an existing retirement account into a precious metals independent retirement account.

When deciding on a gold independent retirement account, consider the fees involved. Despite the tax benefits, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee to access the precious metal you’re interested in. This fee is typically based on the amount of gold you purchase. Generally, the independent retirement account fee is lower than that of traditional retirement accounts. Therefore, it’s crucial to read up on fees before making an investment decision.


If you are interested in opening precious metals independent retirement account, you’ll want to do so before you actually buy your precious metals. Some institutions charge fees for setting up precious metals independent retirement account. These fees can cost up to $1,000 and are similar to having a personal accountant or lawyer working for you. The good news is that you can avoid paying these fees by using a proper custodian.

Moreover, some financial institutions have a high volume of precious metals independent retirement account rollovers and have developed a good relationship with highly qualified precious metals trustees. While you can find several gold independent retirement account custodians in the marketplace, you must choose one that is approved by the IRS to handle your account.

A custodian’s job is to handle the paperwork and manage your account, while another firm will source the precious metals and store them in an IRS-approved vault. Some companies provide everything you need to start your independent retirement account and store your bullion, while others only charge you for individual cryptocurrency transactions.

Some investors may find this approach more convenient and preferable. Among the costs of a precious metals independent retirement account are its high cost and lack of investment income compared to other assets. However, the lack of income from precious metals investments can be a positive for those who are close to retirement age.

Although a precious metals independent retirement account may not be right for young investors, it’s a sound investment strategy for older individuals looking to enjoy security and peace of mind. While it’s not the best solution for every retirement investor, a gold independent retirement account can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Unlike a traditional retirement account, a gold independent retirement account has higher expenses.

In addition to management fees and insurance, precious metals are highly volatile and do not produce income. These fees are not uncommon for investors. Therefore, before you decide to purchase a gold independent retirement account, you should have a clear idea of the costs involved. You should also keep in mind that precious metals independent retirement accounts often offer a first-year free promotion.

Storage fees

While precious metals independent retirement accounts are generally tax-deductible, annual storage fees can cost as much as $300 per annum. Many custodians offer discounts for larger deposits or waive the first payment completely. The cost of storage fees depends on how many precious metals you keep in your account, but some companies offer lower rates than others.

Some precious metals independent retirement account custodians require a minimum threshold before a no-fee program will apply. This approach can save you money in the long run. In addition to no-fee programs, some companies even include free storage at a Delaware Depository or Brink’s Global Services USA which is quite an impressive facility.

Independent retirement accounts for gold are incredibly easy to open. You can choose a custodian that offers both services. If you are looking for a simple, low-cost way to store your precious metals, Augusta Investments may be right for you. The company offers free educational materials and a transparent fee structure, and its independent retirement account specialists will work with you throughout the entire process.

However, keep in mind that there are fees for storage, and these should be included in your initial investment. Fortunately, many companies provide services for both buying and selling gold. Some providers even offer “no-fees for life” programs that reimburse you for the fees associated with purchasing bullion and coins.

It’s best to invest a minimum of $10,000 in your precious metals before you decide to use your IRA. If you choose to use cash in your precious metals IRA, you must keep in mind that non-IRA cash purchases are expensive and not suitable for small transactions. Investing $10,000 out of the plan will impact your annual budget, so it’s a good idea to invest a larger amount of money first before you make the decision as it could impact the rest of your life.

Requirements for establishing a precious metals IRA

If you’re considering investing in gold as part of your retirement plan, you may be wondering what the requirements are to establish a gold independent retirement account. A Gold independent retirement account is a special type of investment account that allows you to make contributions using either pre-tax or after-tax dollars.

Other types of precious metals independent retirement accounts include SEP precious metals independent retirement accounts (, which are designed for self-employed individuals or small businesses. These accounts allow individuals to contribute on a pre-tax basis, and withdrawals are taxed at a required minimum amount. When it comes to opening a gold independent retirement account, it is necessary to find a custodian and broker.

How Wealth Management Firms Can Bring Longevity To Your Crypto Investment

How do you know what will be the best long term crypto investment? Will it be Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum? What about Ripple, Steemit, or Synereo? 

There are so many cryptocurrencies out there, and it cannot be easy to know where you should put your money and how much time you should invest in the cryptocurrency market. 

This step-by-step guide was created to inform you why wealth management firms may be the best long term crypto investment option available today.

Step 1 – Establish a long-term strategy

The best long term crypto investment strategy is to invest at least a third of your total portfolio in a cryptocurrency basket. This will be one of the major reasons wealth management firms should focus on bringing longevity to their clients’ crypto investments. 

To minimize risk and volatility in your investments, diversification becomes key. 

At first, diversifying between different types of crypto like coins (Ethereum, Bitcoin) and tokens (Filecoin) can help prevent swings that happen within just one type of crypto (Bitcoin) while being able to take advantage of growth opportunities in new cryptocurrencies and markets like Japan or emerging economies.

Step 2 – Research your options

The next step is to research your options and what you are looking for in a long-term investment. If you’re looking for a more secure investment with less chance of losses, the best option would be to invest in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

An ICO is a process of raising funds through crypto tokens representing company shares. The equity tokens can be used as voting rights and to receive dividends.

Step 3 – Execute your strategy

Putting your strategy into action is a very important part of the process. One way to do this is by rebalancing periodically, especially as market conditions change. 

For example, let’s say you started with a portfolio that consisted of 25% Bitcoin and 75% Ethereum. But now, Bitcoin has increased in value, so it makes up 40% of your portfolio, and Ethereum has decreased in value, so it only makes up 60%. In this case, you may want to rebalance by selling some of your Bitcoin and buying more Ethereum (or selling some Ethereum and buying more Bitcoin). 

If you have difficulty figuring out what allocations to make or how much to sell/buy, you can hire a financial advisor who will help guide you through the process.

Step 5 – Monitor your progress

It is also important to monitor your progress and check in every month. It may be difficult to remember the things you did last month. Remembering what you’ve done this month, even if it was a lot, will help make next month easier on your to-do list. 

Lastly, document any successes or failures during this time to track what works and doesn’t for your specific business needs.


To take advantage of long-term cryptocurrency investment, you need an investment portfolio managed by an expert with the knowledge and skills to work with these alternative assets. 

Working with a wealth management firm will give you a valuable point of contact who can help manage your entire investment portfolio. If you’re interested in maximizing your long-term cryptocurrency investments, then a wealth management firm may be able to bring longevity to your holdings.

The Next Generation Crypto

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