What New Features Are Coming to Microsoft 365 in 2023?

What New Features Are Coming to Microsoft 365 in 2023?

Businesses all around the world have been using Microsoft 365 since its launch in 2010 (where it was originally called Office 365). It is one of the most widely used software-as-a-service products in the world; an SaaS product is one which requires a subscription, and users receive updates automatically at no extra cost. Over these last 13 years, M365 has used this model to deliver thousands of new features to business users. We discussed this with TechQuarters, an IT company that has been using M365 since its launch. They provide IT support Financial Services companies rely on, and have even provided clients with M365 in their capacity as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. We asked them what new features coming to the platform in 2023 that they are looking forward to, and this is what they said.

  1. Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft Viva is an employee-focuses platform designed to connect people and content within an organisation. It makes content discovery easier, and helps users identify the right people to communicate with on specific topics and work. Viva Goals is an addition to the platform that makes it easier for organisations, departments, and teams to align themselves on priorities. It does this by focusing on goal setting, objectives and key results (OKR), and honing in on the impact of work (as opposed to focusing purely on output). With Viva Goals, organisations can create goals for teams, connect goals with individuals so that they know their priorities, create goal and OKR templates, and many other things that help teams and individuals optimize their goal achievements.

  1. Loop Components in Outlook

Loop components are live pieces of content (e.g. a checklist, a table, a meeting agenda, etc.) that are designed to be editable after creation and sharing – any changes made to a Loop component will automatically be synced across all devices and accounts that have access to it; for example, if you create a Loop list and send it to a colleague on Teams, and you add or remove items from the list, your colleague will see the changes made to the list in real-time. According to TechQuarters, who provide IT support for Estate Agents, Loop components are great for streamlining content sharing between colleagues and clients. Loop components have so far only been available in Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft Loop app; but Microsoft are now expanding support for Loop components to Outlook.

  1. Microsoft Whiteboard Templates

Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaboration canvas included in Microsoft 365 – teams can access it in a Microsoft Teams meeting and use it for visualising ideas and brainstorming. You can write and draw in different colours, add sticky notes to the canvas, and even add other content like graphs and tables that pull data from other apps.

Microsoft are adding the capability to create Whiteboard templates. In other words, users can create specific layouts and save them as a template; then, the next time they need it (such as for a meeting) they can open the template and dive straight into the work. Microsoft are also working on adding the ability to share custom templates with other users.

  1. Microsoft 365 Advanced Deployment Guides

The Microsoft 365 admin centre contains a range of deployment guides that enable admins to support employees using M365 efficiently. The Microsoft 365 Advanced Deployment Guides are aimed at giving Microsoft customers (i.e. companies using M365) self service tools to make the implementation and management of Microsoft 365 in the organisation easier. As an IT support provider London businesses have been relying on for Microsoft 365 deployment for many years, TechQuarters emphasised the importance of the addition of these guides to the admin centre.

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