Crypto Heirloom Has A Special Door Animation In Apex Legends

Crypto Heirloom Has A Special Door Animation In Apex Legends

Rare Interactions With Cryptos Heirloom

The Apex Legends community has been lauding the unique door animation for the Crypto’s Heirloom as well as the many rare interactions that can be found with this powerful relic. This enchanting item has already raised the bar for rare collectibles in the game. Let’s take a look at some of these interesting interactions. The following are a few fixes for Cryptos Heirloom.

Fixes In Cryptos Heirloom

Players can now ping the satellite dish from their dropship. Previously, this tool was visible only when they were in the lobby, but the change now makes it available in the player’s arsenal. Additionally, the Legend Token can now be viewed by hovering over it. The new ping feature is a major improvement for the dropship.

Players have also discovered an unusual door animation for Crypto’s heirloom and a variety of rare interactions. These items have been praised by the Apex Legends community for raising the bar for rare collectibles. However, the player must first purchase all the Apex packs to unlock them. In addition, it may be necessary to buy all packs containing the collection event to unlock the heirloom.

Custom Run Animation

Fans of the Recon hero may be wondering what the new items are in Apex Legends. The sword, Crypto’s Heirloom, has several interesting new features, including a custom run animation, a USB stick hidden in its handle, and a ground emote called “Swordplay”. If you are looking to upgrade your Recon Heirloom, you should know that this new weapon has many additional benefits.

The custom-run animation for the Cryptos Heirloom in Apex is designed to reflect the history of the legend. A player equipped with this new weapon will be safer than a drone. The sound effects also come in handy. Many players have praised the new run animation for this hero’s heirloom. However, the release date isn’t known. While this new heirloom is rumored to arrive later this season, it has not been confirmed yet.

As the Biwon Blade is a new heirloom for the Crypto class, the Biwon Blade slashes and stabs enemies with satisfying animations. In addition to these new weapons, Crypto has another interesting feature: the hacking drone. The hack drone can be used as a melee weapon, and in some Apex Legends trailers, players can see this new ability in action.

Unique Door Animation

During the Warriors Assortment event, players discovered a new and unusual interaction with Cryptos Heirloom. This heirloom transforms your deadly sword into a Star Wars lightsaber! Aside from the new look and feel, it features extra sound effects and animations compared to another heirloom. Apex Legends players are discovering more new ways to interact with Cryptos’ blade.

Unlike other heirlooms, the Crypto’s Heirloom can be recalled from the storage locker and can be used by other players. This item can also be used by players as a drone. However, it cannot be used to take damage from enemies if it is directly above. Fortunately, the game’s developers have fixed some teleportation bugs, including those that prevented players from returning to certain locations when using Loba’s drone. They also fixed an issue with inconsistent teleportation in certain terrain in Staging and around the Lava Fissure. Moreover, they fixed an issue that caused the doors to close while using Sheila on loot bins.

Players can purchase the new heirloom based on the legends’ personalities or past lives. For example, the ‘jikdo’ knife datamined as Crypto’s heirloom is expected to become Crypto’s signature melee weapon. The Wattson Heirloom animation, meanwhile, is also impressive, causing sparks to fly around the room and smash the door.


Aside from the cryptic name, this heirloom has a very high price tag. It’s one of the rarest and most exclusive rewards in the game. Only three characters have received this heirloom: Kunai, Raven’s Bite, and Butterfly Knife. Although the heirlooms are primarily cosmetics, they give players more options in melee and range. You can spend shards to purchase the heirlooms for your character.

While heirlooms in Apex Legends aren’t used in the game to gain an advantage, they do add to your character’s appearance and are also rare. The heirloom is a good way to improve your Apex Legends game and make it even more special. It gives you a significant boost to damage and has many other advantages. You can get an Apex Heirloom for a high price, so don’t spend any cash just to get one.

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